Razorcake Podcast #70: With Amy Adoyzie

Aug 28, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #70: With Amy Adoyzie

Whether it’s a four-walled structure, a city, a continent, a long van ride between destinations, the people around you, or merely a feeling you get from the way the air smells or how the sunlight streams through branches—the idea of a “home” is a place that we’re either hurdling towards are running away from.  Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which direction you’re going.

This is a group of songs about that place that is both inviting and repelling, but ultimately a space to return and escape to.

Songs to Come Home To

-Amy Adoyzie

“Come Home” Good Luck
“Anchorless” The Weakerthans
“Keep on Livin’” Le Tigre
“Ain’t You Had Enough” Cococoma
“Never Change” Oblivians
“Veni Vidi Vici” Black Lips
“Running, Jumping, Standing Still” The Ergs
“We Control the Sun” Toys That Kill
“On the Road” Shang-a-Lang
“Not a Track Bike” Thorns Of Life