Razorcake Podcast #69: Awesome Fast Edition!

Aug 21, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #69: Awesome Fast Edition!

So North Park Awesome Fast is two weeks away. That means in less than two weeks awesome bands and awesome people will start making their way west for four days taking awesome to the next level. If you didn’t get tickets, I truly am sorry. Hey, at least there’s always next year.


Dan Padilla "I Liked That Dude" (CD on ADD)
Grabass Charlestons "Gone Fishin'" (Sister Series 7" on Razorcake)
Thee Makeout Party "Run Kitty Run" (Play Pretend LP on Recess/Teenacide)
Turkish Techno "No Compliance, No Control" (split with Shang-A-Lang on Muy Autentico)
This Is My Fist "Gun Crazy Explosion Noises" (split with Giant Haystacks on AOTU/625)
Shark Pants "Flatside Negative" (Automatic Pinner CD on Underground Government)
Killer Dreamer "Disco Volante" (1000 Years of Servitude 12" on Razorcake/45 RPM)
Too Many Daves "Hey Man" (7" on ADD)
Gateway District "Some Days You Get the Thunder" (LP on It's Alive)
Drunken Boat "Runs" (split with Blotto on Snuffy Smiles)
Madison Bloodbath "Drunkasauras Rex" (Get Loose With… CD on ADD)
God Damn Doo Wop Band "Rooftops of Bangor" (CD on Afternoon)
Young Offenders "Trelawny's Army" (7" on AOTU)
Toys That Kill "Something In This Earth" (Control The Sun LP on Recess)