Razorcake Podcast #67: With Juan Espinosa

Aug 07, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #67: With Juan Espinosa

Welcome to my second podcast for razorcake.org! While not an original idea by any means, I decided to do a podcast of only cover songs. I know some of you may or may not really like it when a band takes it upon themselves to cover another band’s song. The truth of the matter is that sometimes it works out fairly well but more often than not, it does horrible justice to an undeserving classic song. But if it weren’t for those mulleted closet punks in Metallica doing an EP of all covers, it would have taken even longer for me to unearth treasures such as the early Misfits catalog. If nothing else, cover songs could turn you on to a band that may be flying under your radar and once you pick up on it, your music loving life might be all that much greater. Here are some of my favorites.
-Juan Espinosa

Das Oath “The Living End” originally by the Jesus and Mary Chain (The least pop sounding song on Psycho Candy given brand new insanity with Mark McCoy’s inimitable vocal delivery.)
Melt-Banana “Monkey Man” originally by Toots and the Maytals (Go ahead rudie, try and skank to this, just try!)

Snuff “Do Nothing” originally by the Specials (Snuff’s records are all comprised of half their own arrangements and half covers. They once did a Spice Girls cover. No, seriously.)

Idol Punch “I Don’t Mind” originally by the Buzzcocks (The one Buzzcocks song that hasn’t found it’s way into a movie or a car commercial.)
E150 “Chicos de la Calle” originally by Torreros After Ole (An obscure Spanish band discovered via another obscure Spanish band. The titles translates to “Street Kids”.)

Ampere “Money Stinks” originally by DRI (DRI’s 22 song EP is an utter classic. Ampere do a great job of intensifying an already intense song.)

F-Minus “Love Is Just a Tool” originally by the Middle Class (The Middle Class invented California hardcore. F-Minus’ female/male tradeoff vocals made me appreciate the song even more.)

Exclaim “Stand Up” originally by Minor Threat (DC Hardcore gets the distorted Japanese hardcore treatment.)

Charm “Pressure” originally by Negative Approach (Yeah, it sounds almost nothing like the original but tell me it doesn’t kick ass. More hardcore bands should have a stand up bassist.)
Queers “Mirage” originally by Tommy James and the Shondells (The Queers punkified an oldies radio classic. I bet you anything your parents will like it.)

Bunnygrunt “Silly Girl” originally by Descendents (Originally sung by a boy. But who cares, Bunnygrunt make it sound even more cutesy and cuddly.)

Boom Boom Kid “We Belong Together” originally by Richie Valens (In case you didn’t notice, BBK sings half of it in Spanish. If Ricardo Valenzuela knew how to speak Spanish he might have done the same.)

Underground Railroad to Candyland “Age of Consent” originally by New Order (I don’t like much New Order but URTC made me realize I really like the original. Like, a lot.)
Converge “Annihilate This Week” originally by Black Flag (Todd refers to post Damaged Black Flag as “Grateful Dead worship.” Converge stomped the shit out of any hippy or weed influence on their version.)