Razorcake Podcast #59: With Daryl Gussin

Jun 12, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #59: With Daryl Gussin

I can’t believe how many technical difficulties we had to plow through during the recording of this podcast. Never ending, barely resolved, yet totally worth it. Some of the people in these bands I consider friends and some I’ll probably never come in contact with. Either way, songs like the ones below make dealing with all the bullshit worth it. Large and small.


Cheeky "The Golden Ghost" (AOTU 7")
Lost Controls "When I Die" ( American Action 7")
Okie Dokie "Power" (Goodbye Boozy Records 7")
Young Offenders "Battleships" (split 12" with Giant Haystacks)
Birthday Suits "Jarrasxa Be" (split 7" with Marked Men)
Psyched To Die "Permanent Condition" (Sterile Walls 7")
Migraine "If Death Occurs" (Self-titled 7")
Religious As Fuck "Trust Fund Fury" (split 7" with Mehkago NT) 33
Skitkids "Visste Jag Lycklig" (12" on Room 101 Records)
RVIVR "Plenty of Time" (Life Moves 7")
Street Eaters "Running Dog" (split 7" with White Night)
Turkish Techno "Meth Not Meat" (split 7" with The Brokedowns)
"What Happen To This?" Catch Your Breath (Demo 12/06)
"Stand Strong" Charged (Endurance CD)