Razorcake Podcast #56: With Vince Battilana

May 22, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #56: With Vince Battilana

These are songs that I like by bands that I like.


The Creation – “Making Time” Many of you probably know as the song from the beginning of Rushmore. That’s how I first heard it, and it still might be my favorite Creation track. Still, I haven’t heard a track by them that I haven’t enjoyed.

Wipers – “Mystery” I can (and do) thank Nirvana for turning me on to the Wipers. (In case you didn’t know, Nirvana covered “D-7” and “Return of the Rat.”) I was pretty surprised when I first heard “Mystery.” It was the second song that I had heard by the Wipers that was also arranged by the Wipers. It didn’t sound depressing as hell like “D-7,” but it didn’t make me grab for my pompoms, either.

Wire – “Field Day for the Sundays” An awesome way to spend a little less than thirty seconds.

Mission Of Burma – “Academy Fight Song” Worst idea ever: a mash-up of this track and Atom And His Package’s “Punk Rock Academy” just for the sake of introducing the song as “Punk Rock Academy Fight Song.”

Lawrence Arms – “An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance” The first song on their first full-length still beats any other track they’ve laid down. There’s nothing better on a night of being alone and down than a song about being alone and down—except maybe one without those damned bells.

Period Three – “Gone Fishin’” I haven’t heard a bummer track from this broken-up band. This is the first track that I had heard by them. I would’ve played anything by them that I have, but what’s easier than droppin’ the needle on the first track of the first side of a record?

Doc Hopper – “Melcher” This is a song that I seriously cannot imagine my life without. It’s never been my favorite song, but it has been a perennial classic. I first heard the live version on a Go-Kart sampler while I was in high school. After about ten years of only having the live version, I got my hands on the studio version. I decided to share it with you.

The Mr. T Experience – “The History of the Concept of the Soul” This one’s off my favorite MTX album (Night Shift…), and thus the best MTX album. Not everything that this band did is genius, but this song is.

Shotwell – “Once in a While” The first time that I heard this song, I swore that I had heard it before because it sounded so perfect.

Hummingbird Of Death – “First We Should Observe the Ritual of the Traditional Pre-fight Donut” I’ve been listening to a bit of HOD recently. I like them. I like them a lot. They got me to do something that I didn’t think that I would ever do again: buy a cassette tape. Anyhow, this track doesn’t fit under the heading of fastcore as most of their stuff does, but, fuck, dude, is their a better song to listen to while eating a donut before you get into a fight? Sure, I’ve never eaten a donut before I got into a fight—and I’m not a fan of fighting—but, all things being equal, I would want this to be my pre-fight donut eating soundtrack.

Sick Fix – “One Third” Pissed off straight edge hardcore that isn’t pissed off about some back stabbing. Here they are pissed off about greed-driven society.

Redemption 87 – “A Solution” This is another one that I cannot imagine my life without, There is a chance that this was for a short period of time my favorite song. It’s still my favorite of the band’s originals.

Civil Victim – “Down the Drain” More hardcore. This time it’s from some anxious German folks.

Nightstick Justice – “Cut Off” I’ve been on a Nightstick Justice kick lately. This is the song that really stands out to me. The intro of this track is, as they say, worth the price of admission alone.

Nar – “Drunk and Benevolent” What can I say? This song is fucking awesome.

Radon – “Kibbles and Bits” This one makes me want to run around in my underwear with a towel-cape like a four-year-old super hero.