Razorcake Podcast #54: With Kid Kevin Carle

May 08, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #54: With Kid Kevin Carle

Hello my name is Kevin Carle and I just made my first Razorcake podcast. It was tons of fun hanging out here at the HQ and playing records. These records here that I played ya are some of my favorite that I could not live without, they are always by my record player’s side. Too much stuff to choose from, enjoy the choice selections and keep on supporting independent music and art.


Rip Offs- Heatseeker (San Francisco rock and roll, if you don’t know you need to get this the cover alone is worth, then the music…priceless!!!)
Dory Tourette and the Skirtheads- Build Me a Straw (Another San Francisco band from the 90s Mission punk family, Dory we miss you)
Pine Hill Haints – Whisper in the Dark (if  there is one modern band I will tell people to check out this is the one, Florence Alabama is magic and full of old time spirits)
Hasil Adkins – No More Hotdogs (No doubt about it the worlds best one man band from W. Virginia, RIP Hasil)
Angry Samoans – Todd Killings (Duh, an ode to our good buddy Todd)
Germs – Richie Daggers Crime (Los Angeles’ punk babies turned legend, gimme a beer)
Swing Ding Amigos – Akurrukame (Tucson  punk, pure genius!)
Bo Didley – Say Man (No Bo Didley No Punk, simple as that)
The Meters – Look-Ka Py Py (Thanks to my roommates I learned about this great band, get funky)
Minutemen – This Aint No Picnic (An inspiring band, intelligent music and intelligent lyrics…oh yeah and San Pedro plug!)
Electric Eels – Anxiety (scary mid 70s Cleveland punk, the title sets this mood.)
Rudimentary Peni – Teenage Time Killer (great music, great art, great lyrics, complete insanity from England and still making quality records for 30 years)
Wire – Ex Lion Tamer (A nice little diddy)
Thee Headcoatees – My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate (if you are not familiar with Billy Childish please do yourself a favor and pick any of his collection of over a hundred LPs)
Descendents – Ride the Wild  (Essential)
Bent Outta Shape – Disappointment Rock (Brooklyn Clashy Punk, a true guitar hero, Jamie you will be missed)
Shellshag – Make Love (Americas best couple band hailing from Brooklyn)
Sexy – Pink Elephants (The most dysfunctional awesome band in the world, OAKLAND)