Razorcake Podcast #53: With Jennifer Whiteford

May 01, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #53: With Jennifer Whiteford

Rock'n Roll Indigenous to Canada's CapitalCity

Ottawa has a bad reputation for being a boring, government town, but I've lived here for over a decade now and the music scene has been pretty steadily awesome. This podcast collects some local favorites from past and present. The list encompasses both kinds of music: punk and rock. And I have since remembered (all on my own with no Googling) that the name of the band I was mentioning that featured former members of Reigning Sound was Lover! So you can stop yelling at your iPod now.


1. “AmbassadorBridge” - Andrew Vincent
2. “Cruisin'” - The Visitors
3. “I Prefer Sleeping Alone” - Male Nurse
4. “My Baby's Got Big Fenders” - Shanker and Romps
5. “Cons at the New Moon” - Camp Radio
6. “Girly Girly Girly” - The White Wires
7. “Hell Kats” - The Felines
8. “I Walk Around On My Own” - The Sick Fits
9. “Slip Away” - The Sedatives
10. “Hee Yaw” - South of 78
11. “FeelingDC” - Captain Foxy
12. “Dance to the Rock 'n Roll Band” - Mother's Children
13. “On and On” - The Creeps
14. “My Baby's Always Crying” - Beach Blankets
15. “Hippie Girl” - Hollowtip Hearts