Razorcake Podcast #52: With Sean Carswell

Apr 24, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #52: With Sean Carswell

For my fourth podcast, I wanted to listen to Japanese punk rock. Why Japanese punk rock? I don't know. I've just been listening to the Blue Hearts and Blotto a lot lately, so I got the idea to do a podcast with a bunch of my favorite Japanese bands on it. And if Blotto is one of the bands that inspired it, why aren't they on this podcast? I guess because I started digging through my records and CDs and found a staggering amount of Japanese punk. I figured I'd probably have to do two podcasts on Japanese punk. So here's part one. I make no promises about the timeliness of part two. I do promise that Blotto will be on there.


PLAYLIST: "3 Cool Chicks"
The Happening "Lockdown"
Three Minute Movie "The Loneliest Diary"
Thug Murder "Restart"
The Urchin "Dead Cities Never Sleep"
Firestarter "Automatic Heroes"
Strawberry Mud Pie "Just a Girl"
Teengenerate "Wild Weekend"
Bleach(mobile) "The Night Story"
Mad 8 "Teenage Delinquent"
Link "Reality Says to Me"
Gito Gito Hustler "Muscle Body Ecstasy"
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant "Break Hazuretu Oreno Shinzou"
Pear of the West "Bright Lights, Early Morning"
The Blue Hearts "Linda Linda"