Razorcake Podcast #49: With Todd Taylor

Apr 03, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #49: With Todd Taylor

One of the joys of running Razorcake is being able to seek and listen to whatever music I’m interested in. Ninety-five percent of the time, if I stumble onto new music that I dig, it just happens to be DIY punk. I’ve also never been one to hatchet that sizeable log of a term, “DIY punk” into tiny, toothpick-like slivers. I’m a bad micromanager of subgenres. That gets boring real quick. This clutch of songs is all over the map geographically and stylistically, but I file it all under the subheading of “awesome.” Hope you agree.


Too Many Daves, “Fat Doodes”
Nerves, “Paper Dolls”
Resonars, “Black Breath”
Sneaky Pinks, “We’re the Punkles”
Autistic Youth, “Find Me Here”
Tom Gabel, “Anna Is a Stool Pigeon”
Jammy Dodgers, “Laundry Day”
Hanna Hirsch, “En Andra Chans” – (A Second Opportunity)
Full Of Fancy, “Notebook”
Pegs, “Livin’ at the Surf Hotel”
Instäng, “Älska Dig Själv”
Marked Men, “Stay Away”
Riverboat Gamblers “Victory Lap”