Razorcake Podcast #48: With Daryl Gussin

Mar 27, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #48: With Daryl Gussin

If you scan my playlist over you’ll see that I played a song from both sides of the Brokedowns / Sass Dragons split. This record is one hell of a scorcher. Both bands have taken their relative styles and molded them into a beast of epic proportions. With a little less imagination both of these bands could have been written off as copy-cats, but because of their obvious love for playing punk rock and doing things their own way, they’ve written some amazing songs. I’ve never heard anything I didn’t like by these bands, and all six of the songs that they contributed to this 7” are probably the gnarlyest stuff I’ve heard by them yet. The hardest part of putting together this podcast was the fact that I could only play one of their songs.


Sass Dragons "Don't Swear to God, Swear to Me" (Split 7" with the Brokedowns on Let's Pretend and Cassette Deck Records)
The Nerves "Hanging on the Telephone" (One Way Ticket LP on Alive Records)
The Suspicions "Baby Talk" (The World Is Lousy With Ideas, Vol. 3 7" on Almosty Ready Records)
Unwelcome Guests "Floating Away" (Dangerous Intersection 1 7" on Traffic Street Records)
Pterodacdudes "(-)G^2" (Split 7" with Audacity on Small Pool Records)
Brokedowns "Viking Birthday Party." (Split 7" with Sass Dragons on Let's Pretend and Cassette Deck Records)
Nasa Space Universe "Straight Backs" (Self-titled 7" on Gradual Limbo Records)
No People "She's Gone" (Split 7" with Seventeen Again on Amazing Records)
Too Many Daves "D.U. Friday Night" (2008: A Shit Faced Odessey 7" on Kiss of Death Records)
Hellnation "Turn for the Worse" (Split 12" with Capitalist Casualties on Sound Pollution and Six Weeks Records)
Cower "Seventeen Days" (Hatred Songs 7" on Television Records)
Closet Fairies "Bryon's Song" (Split 7" with Party Garbage on Kiss of Death Records)
Sneaky Pinks "Loner w/a Boner" (Loner w/a Boner 7" on Bachelor Records)
Grabass Charlestons "Ankle" (Lead Us Down 7" on Barracuda Sound)