Razorcake Podcast #45: With Todd Taylor

Mar 06, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #45: With Todd Taylor

I’ve been constantly reviewing records, non-stop, since 1996. I’m fortunate. Music comes to me as much as I seek it out. I’ve helped make the Razorcake musical magnet that collects between 200 and 300 pieces of music to our PO Box every two months without any solicitation beyond the fact that we exist and we, largely, do what we say we’re going to do: give honest responses to independent music.

I’m also a bit of a sonofabitch. After over a decade of reviewing, I take fewer blind risks. A bad record is like one burnt kernel in a bowl of popcorn. Even if there’s only one stinker, the burnt smell and taste can pervade the whole batch and make a bumout of a day. But that’s not to say my ear’s not down to the ground. I’m lucky to have so many music-rabid fans as close friends, friends who know my basic music needs and likes, constantly suggesting bands to check out. And so it goes. Another round of music. Some of it is super new; some of it is years old. And I like every last note. I hope you like some of it, too.



Marked Men, “Fortune”
Jack Oblivian And The Cigarillos, “Drinking Women’s Milk”
Shang-a-Lang, “Bottled Up”
Hot New Mexicans, “Snakes”
The Achievement, “Song About a Horse”
The Measure [SA], “The Moment That You Said Yes”
Scared Of Chaka, “You're Fired” (live)
Banner Pilot, “Milemarker”
Autistic Youth, “Smash and Kill”
Sunny Side, “Knife Fighting My Way through a Cosmic Bitchfuck”
Gateway District, “Nothing Helps”
Compulsive Gamblers, “The Way I Feel About You”
Pure Country Gold, “The Boss”
The Shorebirds, “Off the Street”