Razorcake Podcast #43: With Jimmy Alvarado

Feb 20, 2009

Thanks for listening to part two of this recap of stuff from 2008. Nearly all of the tunes in both podcasts come from new, non-reissue releases that I either received for review or pulled from the piles here at Razorcake. As mentioned in the podcast, I frequently and intentionally draw from that pile of "mystery meat," searching for that odd gem from a band I’ve never heard before. Sometimes it pays off, other times…well, you know (quick aside: if a review pissed you off, just relax, ’cause you’re getting worked up over the opinion of a guy who made his bones playing guitar in a dress, pelting audiences with popcorn and shaving cream and writing songs about necrophilia and Felix the Cat). My involvement in punk at this point has been quite long and, unlike most of my peers of two decades ago, my enthusiasm has rarely wavered. I’m of the mind that punk’s "golden years" happen with each new, pissed off kid that picks up an instrument and decides giving the world a little payback is in order – yeah, I have fond memories of seeing Wasted Youth, DRI, 7 Seconds, and countless others in their prime, but tell me that Tropiezo track ain’t just as awesome as anything those bands put out – and think that so long as that continues to occur, this chronic wailing and gnashing of teeth over punk’s demise will remain a lot of hooey. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I still love this stuff, I found lots to be jazzed about last year, and I’m looking forward to what comes down the lane this year. Enjoy. –Jimmy


1. Cocksparrer “Gotta Get Out” (Here We Stand, Captain Oi!)
2. The Heartburns “Retard on the Run” (Fixin’ to Die, Combat Rock Industry)
3. The Meltdowns “Shine a Light” (Them Letdowns, www.themeltdowns.com)
4. Happy Anarchy “Bomp” (Reset, High Lark)
5. Peawees “Tomorrow I’ll Be Done” (Walking the Walk, Wynona)
6. The Swedes “Stretched too Tight” (Nothing Says Rich Like Golf Clubs
7. Teenage Rehab “Dead on the Couch” (Goodbye, Sanity, Jailhouse!)
8. Antique Curtains “Carbon Dioxide” (Dressed in Vertigo, O.K. Stars)
9. Tropiezo “Androide Unidireccional” (El Manual De La Perfecta Cabrona?, Southkore)
10. Titan Arum “Aging Quickly” (Spastis Progressivus Aggressiorum, www.titanarum.net)
11. The Damned Human Race “Promethazine” (Killer Workout Mix Comp, CNP)
12. Mezklah “Bestia” (Bestia Sonika, www.myspace.com/mezklah)