Razorcake Podcast #41: With Jimmy Alvarado

Feb 06, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #41: With Jimmy Alvarado

This is part one of a two-part recap of punk-oriented stuff that came out last year that I thought was interesting and/or fun. With the exception of the Guitar Gangsters track, which is from a best-of disc, everything else is off what was a new release in 2008, meaning no reissues. My interpretation of the term “punk” is an admittedly broad one and I hope the content of these two podcasts reflects what I still see as a very diverse, active, and thriving subculture. Apologies are due to Young Favorites and Rubber Molding for my inadvertently mixing up their songs during the podcast. Been doing the CD equivalent of this for friends for years, but this is the first time I’ve done one for a wider audience. Hope you like ’em, and as per usual, much thanks to Todd for the opportunity to share with you all. –Jimmy

1. The Restarts “Outsider” (Outsider, Rodent Popsicle)
2. Suicide Dogs “Dead End Job” (Dancehall Troops III, No Front Teeth)
3. Raw Radar War “Your Prime Directive” (Double Equals, Traktor 7)
4. Pretty & Nice “Tora Tora Tora” (Get Young, Hardly Art)
5. Cute Lepers “Never Gonna Do That” (Can't Stand Modern Music, Self-released)
6. No Slogan “Let’s Kill” (Killed by Gentrification, Desobedencia)
7. Bill Bondsmen “It’s Always Darkest After the Shut Off” (Swallowed by the World, Dead Beat)
8. Nitad “Levande Död” (IblandKan Man Inte Hindra Sig Sjalv, Kranium)
9. Dillinger Four “The Art of Whore” (Civil War, Fat)
10. The Optionals “Misery is Bliss” (Dead to Realise, www.myspace.com/theoptionals)
11. Guitar Gangsters “Tarantino’s Son” (Razor Cuts, Captain Oi!)
12. Pleasure Boaters “Death&Sex&Gambling” (Funhouse Comp Thing 2, MyFatAssProductions)
13. The Lords of Altamont “The Altamont Sin” (The Altamont Sin, Gearhead)
14. Davila 666 “Quizas” (Self-titled, In the Red)
15. Rubber Molding “Landscape Architect” (High Octane, Self-released)
16. Mountain Husband “Hairstyles of the ‘70s” (Killer Workout Mix Comp, CNP)
17. Hipbone Slim And The Knee Tremblers “I Hear an Echo” (The Sheik Said Shake, Voodoo Rhythm)

18. Young Favorites “IV” (Self-titled, www.myspace.com/youngfavorites)
19. Bad Dudes “Better than Nature” (Eat Drugs, R***** Disco)