Razorcake Podcast #36: With Matt Average

Jan 06, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #36: With Matt Average

Usually my podcast sets consist of a lot of music from CDs. This time around it's all straight from vinyl, and the majority of what I  reviewed for issue #47. Of course, there's some older stuff mixed in from Los Violodores and the Pagans. The Beef People track is from their EP that came with the recent issue of Artcore. Some hardcore, some punk, post punk, etc. – not to mention two tracks from the Pedestrians.

Play this one loud, and kick some furniture over!

-Matt Average


It's Casual "New Los Angeles"
Turpentine Bros. "Time/Min"
Pagans "Street Where Nobody Lives"
Pedestrians "Bloodstains"
Pedestrians "High Crimes"
Beef People "Living In A Gas Chamber"
Los Violodores "Cambio Violenta"
Imaginary Icons "Economics Changes Everything"
Black Rainbow 'Brownfields"
Anti-Playax "Seitan de Xori"
Mutators "Blackroom"
Chronic Seizure "Fatal Lie"