Razorcake Podcast #35: With Todd and Daryl

Nov 07, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #35: With Todd and Daryl

Okay, I’ll talk a little shit. About 98% of radio sucks. And I’m not talking, specifically, of genres – most of which I don’t abide by – but of a specific channel’s repetition of playing the same three hundred or so songs over and over and over. I’m no dummy. They do this so you go and buy a specific record. They do this so listeners get into a “comfort zone of familiarity”; playing songs that are equivalent to an aural well-worn couch. Well, that, and advertising dollars and listener demographics. (Okay, so we’re dummies when it comes to catering to a “target audience.”)

Hey, I’m as loyal as the next person. I’m also totally prejudiced to certain bands and types of punk rock, but there is just such a deep catalog of available songs that it’d be dumb and lazy to play the same songs again and again. It’s in this spirit that we present our thirty-fifth podcast. Daryl and I tag team through plenty of just-released songs and pepper in some stuff that gets played at HQ, years after its initial release.

Daryl and I went round two with our joint podcasts. We swap off our "rock blocks."

Thanks for listening.



The Bananas “Brand New Animals” (Recess)
Something’s Wrong “Mama Said” (Other)
Harum Scarum “The Marry-Age Meets the Kiss of Death” (Hex)
The Estranged “Vilified” (Dead Ideas)
Candian Rifle "The Body Is a Temple" (Fashionable Idiots)
Black Bear "We Fight with Our Flesh" (Rumbletowne)
Vile Nation "Nothing to Lose" (Cowabunga)
Closet Fairies "Tight Lip" (AOTU)
The Heathers “Miss Matched Parts” (Tumble and Trip)
Young Fit Males “Graduation Day” (Self-released)
Sugar “A Good Idea” (Ryko)
The Libyans “Welcome to the Neighborhood” (Shock To The System)
Henry Fiat’s Open Sore "Me Tarzan, You Korak" (Alien Snatch)
Dillinger Four "An American Banned" (Mutant Pop)
Ringers "First Time Long Time" (Snuffy Smiles)
River City Tanlines "Whenever I Rot" (Dirt Nap)