Razorcake Podcast #32: With Jimmy Alvarado

Oct 17, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #32: With Jimmy Alvarado

Howdy all.

You’ll notice that smack dab in the middle of the tuneage there are a number of tracks by the bands Moral Decay and Black Jax. These are in honor of Gary “Pogo” Wiesner, who did time as singer for both those bands and died this past July. In addition to being a good friend and bandmate of mine, his roots in LA County’s punk scene ran deep. He was in quite a few other bands, but unfortunately these were the only two bands I have anything by, though the tunes are definitely top-notch. The oldest tracks here are the Moral Decay ones, which come from a demo recorded back to 1981, I believe; “Mike V.,” recorded in spring 1996, is the most recent; and the remaining bulk of the Black Jax material comes from a 1986 demo that has since been released on Wankin’ Stiphs records. I can’t recommend that disc highly enough, and they remain one of my favorite bands ever.

The remainder of this podcast is comprised of a buncha tunes I think are faboo, which I guess is the point of a podcast, no? If such a thing as a Punk Hall of Fame is ever built – and I ain’t advocatin’ such a silly thing, so don’t start getting’ ideas – I think “Violent Days” and “Midget” are shoe-ins. Both the “punk” segment that includes these songs and the later “noise” one are I guess yet another attempt to illustrate just how broad those pigeonholes can be – ain’t no way on earth one of those bands can be confused with one of the others – and that all it takes is a little bit of thought to come up with something that sounds unique and cool.

Lastly, the Black Sabbath song is dedicated to my homeboy Mr. Kurt Ross of San Gabriel Valley legends Kent State, who thinks they’re the cat’s meow. Go ahead and ask him. I dare you.

Thanks to Todd for once again tag-teaming the task with me and for being the badass vato he is, to Daryl for editing things so that my stuttering ass sounds cooler than I actually am, and to you all for listening.


Bombs Away (Hyped to Death #3, Hyped to Death)
The Morticia’s Lovers – C’mon Yeah (Rock ’n’ Roll Overdose, Zaxxon Virile Action)
VKTMS – Midget (Midget EP, Emergency Room)
Screaming Sneakers – Violent Days (Hyped to Death #22, Hyped to Death)
Cute Lepers – Young Hearts (Funhouse Comp Thing 2, My Fat Ass)
Black Jax – Wrong Side of the Tracks (Black Jax, Wankin’ Stiphs)
Black Jax – Young Blood (Black Jax, Wankin’ Stiphs)
Moral Decay – Rebels Without a Cause (Demo)
Moral Decay – Backstabbers (Demo)
Black Jax – Mike V. (1996 Demo)
Black Jax – Growing Pains (Black Jax, Wankin’ Stiphs)
Coughs – Animal Hospital (Fright Makes Right, Load)
Heroine Sheiks – Cock Asia (Out of Aferica, Reptilian)
Voice of the Mysterons – The Behemoth Cum Leviathan Cum Cherubim Cum Seraphim Monsters Of Heaven And Earth Meta-Flesh Manifesto (They Have Pulled Down Deep Heaven on their Heads, Boot to Head)
Unsane – Out (Scattered, Smothered and Covered, Amphetamine Reptile)
Black Sabbath – Under the Sun (Volume 4, Warner Bros.)