Razorcake Podcast #30: With Speedway Randy

Oct 03, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #30: With Speedway Randy

That’s the term Todd came up with as we did this show – as an aesthetic, buying materials from Goodwill as instruments, not to mention all the clothes and shoes - as opposed to good will feelings. Okay, maybe those too. I lived in Tucson from ‘88 to ‘01 and here are some of the bands I knew and saw play for years. It’s a great little town that’s cheap to live in, bands stay for a long time and garage it up cheaply. Doo Rag played in front of Value Village on 4th Ave at their start, practiced in a tool shed nearby, while other bands had jobs inside the store. Not to mention the endless sharing of band members. The rock here ranges from straight-up fuzz garage (The Fells, The Okmoniks) to pure punk (The Weird Lovemakers, The Knockout Pills), catchy noise (Absinthe, The Blacks) and strange stuff in between (Shark Pants, Bebe and Serge, Coin). The heat is intense down there.

- Speedway Randy

The Fells, “Space Girls”
Mondo Guano, “Deadwood”
Doo Rag, “Engine Bread” (and interview)
The Pork Torta, “Chickostick Island”
Coin, “Jet Pack Turbo Suit”
The Okmoniks, “You Got It (And I Need It Too)”
The Knotts, “It’s Alright”
Los Federales, “Burn It Down”
The Knockout Pills, “Reject Button”
The Weird Lovemakers, “Little Bit of Hell”
The Blacks, “Hate The Ones Who Need A Hand”
Shark Pants, “Automatic Pinner”
Absinthe, “Gag Reflex”
Bebe and Serge, “I Want Barbie’s Doll” (LeeAnne Savage)
Swing Ding Amigos, “To My Niggas in the South”