Razorcake Podcast #27: With Todd Taylor

Sep 12, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #27: With Todd Taylor

For the past thirteen and a half years, I’ve reviewed records on a bi-monthly basis. I’ve only missed one rotation in all of that time: when we moved our HQ. The first thirteen songs of this podcast came across my desk in a two-month timeframe. To me, it’s ridiculous how much great stuff is being released right now in DIY punk circles. It’s diverse, it’s widespread, and there’s so much of it.

The last four songs are all older favorites: the first Pagans track I ever heard, the last track released by Tucson’s greatly missed Knockout Pills, a funny track from Tucson’s Milli Vanilli, The Sneaky Pinks (they often lip synch to their songs so they can jump around more), and a band that’s thankfully not slipping from people’s consciousness: Hickey.

Hope you enjoy this half as much as I do putting it together.

- Todd

Bananas, “Gentrification for Dummies”
Shorebirds, “The Movie Is Almost Over”
Audacity, “Twilight Zone”
Hidden Spots, “Unkindness”
Off With Their Heads “For the Four”
Brokedowns, “Git’R’Dunification”
Anteenagers MC, “Lets Get Back Together”
Carbonas, “Your Love Is Inside Out”
Hex Dispensers, “My Love Is a Bat”
Potential Johns, “Please Believe”
Statues, “Husbands and Wives”
Something’s Wrong, “See You Never”
Measure [SA], “Oslo”
Pagans, “What’s This Shit Called Love?”
Knockout Pills, “Wait for the Apex”
Sneaky Pinks, “Life Stoopid, I Stoppid” / “We’re the (Sneaky Pinks)”
Hickey, “Waiting for the Swelling to Go Down”