Razorcake Podcast #25: with Daryl Gussin

Aug 29, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #25: with Daryl Gussin
Daryl’s Third Podcast

Is there something wrong with my brain because I feel a Phil Ochs song (a rag at that) naturally fits nestled in between Harpoon Guns and Sex/Vid? Fuck no, it’s all no-bullshit, fed up music that’s supposed to make people question their surroundings. Some just happens to be faster. It’s not like I’m playing Fleetwood Mac and Siege next to each other. Here are some songs that I think are really good, hope you like them as well.




Mehkago N.T. “Morbid Uprising”
Rhythm Syndrom “Hardcore Ruined My Life (And I’m Glad)”
Excruciating Terror “Last Act of Man” (live)
Deathreat “Elementary Course in Prison Economics”
Dead Mechanical “Sidewalks”
They Live “Time Loss Incident”
Jump Off A Building “I’ve Got the Atom Bomb”
Future Virgins “Between the Grooves”
Violent Minds “Gone for Good”
Rager “Strong Arm Robbery”
Nux Vomica “Fuck Ageist Sympathy”
Harpoon Guns “No More Light”
Phil Ochs “Outside a Small Group of Friends”
Sex/Vid “Tania”