Razorcake Podcast #234: With Bill Pinkel

Oct 19, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #234: With Bill Pinkel

I am Bill Pinkel and this is my third Razorcake podcast. This time around I just grabbed a stack of records from my recent listening pile and headed over to Todd’s dude cave. We cracked a couple Tecates and played some stuff I've been into lately. If I sound distracted and weird it’s probably because I was stressing out the whole time about what to play since I did absolutely no preparation whatsoever. In fact, this podcast was supposed to come out weeks ago, but I’ve been kinda busy and I lost the playlist twice. So Todd had Daryl threaten me via email until I sent him what he needed. Honestly, all this nonsense speaks to my rather dubious character. Despite the overarching theme of slackerdom that envelopes virtually everything I touch, this podcast may have come out pretty good. Just looking at the playlist I feel like I played some decent stuff. I’m still on the fence about the Bam Bams. Also I believe at one point I offered to “rear-naked choke” Todd. Please ignore this and any other weird sex puns I probably made and enjoy the podcast.

–Bill Pinkel

White Lung, "Bag" (Sorry, Deranged)
The Bam Bams, "Tickle Party" (Self-titled 7",???)
Young Governor, "Pizza Face" (Pizza Face, S-P)
Punch, "Stay Afloat" (Push Pull, 625 Thrash Core)
The Max Levine Ensemble, "Last of the Assholes" (Elephant in the Room, Fuck You Is A Seven Letter Word)
Neon Piss, "Tabula Rasa" (Self-titled, Deranged)
Terrible Feelings, "Thrash & Burn" (Blank Heads, Este Theke Tontrager)
The Plasmatics, "Butcher Baby" (New Hope for the Wretched, Thick)
Youth Avoiders, "Run" (Time Flies, Build Me A Bomb)
The Observers, "Symbols, Slogans, Lies" (So What's Left Now?, Vinyl Warning)
Nervosas, "Anxious Tendencies" (Rev 45, Meth Mouth)
The Brokedowns, "The S.A.R.S. Groove" (New Brains for Everyone, Traffic Street)
The Dickies, "Hunchback" (Stukas over Disneyland, Restless)
Witch Hunt, "Sick Game" (As Priorities Decay, Profane Existence)
B-Lines, "PsychedelicHigh School" (Self-titled, Deranged)
Bossy, "Walk Around" (The Best of Bossy, Wild World)