Razorcake Podcast #233: With Sean Carswell

Oct 12, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #233: With Sean Carswell

Digging Through the Dust

My wife has an expression for times when she feels like wearing something different and she doesn’t want to buy new clothes. She does what she calls, “Shopping in my closet.” This means she digs through the stuff in the back, the stuff that she liked too much to give away or turn into rags, but hasn’t worn in so long she’s forgotten about it. I took that idea for this podcast. I dug through the dusty records that have drifted far away from my record player, but that I once loved. All of these songs at one point were in high rotation on my home stereo. After a while, they got filed into the stacks to make room for new stuff. Now I’m bringing them back for another sentimental spin. I hope you enjoy it.


Timversion, “We’re a Collective Badass”
Shorebirds, “People I Live With”
Copyrights, “This Ain’t Broadway”
Bent Outta Shape, “Tell Me Why”
Rivethead, “The Hard Side of Easy Street”
Chinese Telephones, “Keep Smiling”
Rock’n’roll Adventure Kids, “Country Boy”
Andrew Jackson Jihad, “Survival Song”
Grabass Charlestons, “Best In Shitty”
Distraction, “More Trouble at the V”
Smogtown, “Judy Is A Model”
Credentials, “Stealers Keepers”
Wendy Kroys, “Defoe a Go-Go”
Orphans, “Plans for my Funeral”
Le Tigre, “Deceptacon”