Razorcake Podcast #229: With Russ Van Cleave

Sep 14, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #229: With Russ Van Cleave

I’ve been a little burnt out lately, but I’m getting back into things with a new setup. So I decided to sit in front on my music collection for a couple nights and just pick some songs. This podcast and the next one are what came out of that. Most of it is probably old or obscure, but that’s just the way things go I suppose.

–Russ Van Cleave

for more good stuff including recordings from the legendary Peter Stubb.

Yea…I know and I don’t care…I borrowed Mixed Up from my bother and glued it in my car tape player for most of 1992.

The Brokedowns! Some of Chicago’s finest…

Damn I love this song….my friend Shawn got me into these guys and I had a copy on the Angelic Upstarts “Kids On the Streets” somewhere at some point…when I found this LP at my new favorite record store, I got giddy…the lesson here is you should go to Microgroove if you have a few spare hours to kill while you’re in Tampa.

Some dub reggae that I know nothing about…

The Velvet Underground…I’m not gonna do your homework for you…

The Tremeloes…one of the greats of the British Invasion…

Joe Newman was a great singer and trumpeter that probably flies under most people’s radar nowadays when people talk jazz. He played and sang with the likes of Count Basie and Lionel Hampton. The eminent Coleman Hawkins actually plays on this song too. You can hear him on the solo.