Razorcake Podcast #226: With Jimmy Alvarado

Aug 24, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #226: With Jimmy Alvarado

An even split between old and new, with a bit more of a “rock” feel on a lotta the stuff here than I usually feature/showcase. Can’t really say why that is, frankly, ’cause I dig a good, swaggering tune as much as the next kid, but, well, there it is. That said, much as I dig all the tunes here, three stand out as particularly notable:

Barrio Tiger: Played a Sparkplug Magazine show at The Crest with them a couple o’ years back. They opened the night’s festivities, with us goin’ on second, and I can say in all honesty it was the first time I ever thought, “Fuck, how are we gonna play after that?” -- no small talk considering the chaos we’re known for creating. Solid, heavy tunes and great stage presence from a pack o’ cats that may look “normal,” but will knock you on your ass if you ain’t careful.

Mau Maus: A friggin’ Los Angeles institution, one of the scene’s oldest, best, and most stubborn units. Their 30+ year legacy boils down to a couple o’ great comp tracks, one brand spankin’ new LP and tons of memorable shows. Take equal parts Dolls, Stones and some short-tempered LA punkers, hand ’em instruments and pelt ’em with hornets to get ‘em riled up. Scorched Earth Policies is a swaggering primal scream of potent punk rock, the album only they were destined to make and I’m thankful they finally pulled it off.

Crime Wave: Know fuckall about ’em, but their album is another scorching bit of vinyl with more than its share of tunes that’ll bore into your noggin and never leave. “Fashion Assassinate” is the zippiest of the tunes, recalling an earlier punk eras without sounding like it’s trying to, which makes it stand out all the more amidst the rest of the punters.

Crank it up, annoy the neighbors.

–Jimmy Alvarado

John Cooper Clarke, “Innocents” (Innocents EP, Rabid)
Barrio Tiger, “Boom Boom” (Laugh Now, Cry Later EP, self-released)
Armitage Shanks, “Did Punk Rock Make You A Millionaire?” (All Cisterns Go! 7” EP, Braindart)
Tone Set, “Appeal to Them” (Cal’s Ranch cassette, Zia)
Articles of Faith, “New Normal Catastrophe” (New Normal Catastrophe EP, Alternative Tentacles)
Soho Roses, “Dance with Me” (Dancehall Troops compilation, No Front Teeth)
Last of the Bad Men, “Moose and Squirrel” (Dancehall Troops compilation, No Front Teeth)
Mau Maus, “Sex & The Single Sniper” (Scorched Earth Policies, Ratchet Blade)
The Boys, “Talking” (The Punk Rock Anthology, Captain Oi)
Critical Mass, “London” (It’s What’s Inside that Counts LP, MCA)
Sado-Nation, “Industrial Revolution” (We’re Not Equal LP, Brainstem)
Authorities, “Dead at Birth” (Kung Pao Au Go-Go, Get Hip)
Ralph, “Infectious” (Self-titled 7” EP, Scavenger of Death)
Crime Wave, “Fashion Assassinate” (Savage Reaction LP, Agrowax)
Rage Against the Machine, “Down Rodeo” (Evil Empire, Epic)
Butthole Surfers, “BBQ Pope” (Live PCPPEP, Alternative Tentacles)
Sexy Prison, “Teen Wolves Party Like Whitney (Hard)” (Babyhead compilation, S-S)
Nine Fingered Thug, “Unica” (Bitter Ballads 7”, Hollow Bunny)