Razorcake Podcast #225 - Awesome Fest 666 Edition: With Marty, Andrew, and Todd

Aug 17, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #225 - Awesome Fest 666 Edition: With Marty, Andrew, and Todd

Another overrated summer is here and what that means is I freakin’ hate people who say they like the summer. That’s what it means. When I am dying in the heat, sweating, and the whole, “I hate my job because I hate everything and the sun is the fault of it all.” I somehow get enough time between thoughts and remember, "It’s summer and that means it’s AWESOME FEST time!!!" Then everything gets a little cooler and cooler—and look—a cooler!

Awesome Fest 6 is a DIY, non-profit, totally amazing, passion-driven spacecraft of six years of blood, sweat, and (root)+beers music fest circling the sun, just like all the other planets, but this bad boy tends to pick up one of the biggest gangs of partyin’, bearded, tattooed, smartass, high five, handhug, floor sleepin’, sing-a-longin’, friendly people from all over the world and drops them all off in beautiful North Park, San Diego. A regular two-day weekend is never enough for this rowdy crowd, so Labor Day Weekend (Aug.31st - Sept.2nd) will have to do for everyone. Sixty-nine bands from all over the world.

This podcast is with Andy Godfrey (Awesome Fest curator / Turkish Techno) and myself (Party Marty Ploy, Awesome Fest curator / DIY promoter). We, along with Todd Taylor (Awesome Fest curator / Razorcake mastermind), all decided to pick four songs by some of the bands we’re very excited to see this year. Hope you enjoy our odd conversations.

There is even a cameo of everyone’s favorite podcast laugher, Christina Zamora (AF curator / DIY promoter). Enjoy!

Oh, by the way, incase you didn’t know AF6 is now SOLD OUT.

–Marty Ploy

Marked Men, “On the Outside” (Dirtnap)
Rumspringer, “Swinging in the St. Lawrence, Screaming at the Sky” (Muy Autentico)
Lipstick Homicide, “Moody’s Point” (John Wilkes Booth / Bloated Cat)
Bust!, “The Whinery (Merlot Blow)” (Cassette Deck)
Low Culture, “Nervous Wreck” (Dirt Cult / Rad Girlfriend / Drunken Sailor / Dead Broke)
Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band, “Play Loud” (unreleased)
Divers, “Brothers” (Rumbletowne)
Shellshag, “Don’t Change” (Mauled By Tigers / Starcleaner)
American Lies, “Dads” (Muy Autentico / Mouse House / Way Out West)
Mind Spiders, “Beat” (Dirtnap)
Neighborhood Brats, “Lurking the Loin” (Modern Action)
Crashbangboom, “Was That Chinchilla?” (ADD)
Lenguas Largas, “Lonely Summertime” (Dirt Cult)
Bananas, “Heard You Was a Heartbreaker” (Recess)