Razorcake Podcast #223: With Matt Average

Aug 03, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #223: With Matt Average

I haven't done a podcast in some time. But I think this one is definitely worth it. It's all built around the idea of sharing a rare, unreleased, and definitely unavailable anywhere else Descendents song. Back in 1986, the Descendents played in Norman, OK at a place in the OU Student Union called The Crossroads. At the time, I was in high school and editing a fanzine called Schizo, and took the opportunity to interview Bill and Milo after the show. All through the interview you can hear Bill playing the ukulele. At the end of the interview he comes up with the idea to play the song you're going to hear in this podcast. Keep in mind this is from a cassette that is now twenty-six years old, and recorded on a boombox. I was pretty stoked to have this.

Still am! I thought I had lost it from all the moving I had done over the years, but a few weeks ago I was going through a box of cassettes and found this in a case with a totally different cover (one for the radio show "My Tunnel" I used to record from the OU station KGOU). As much as I was glad to have it, I was nervous that it would not play.
Yet it does. Even listened to the interview I did, and it's not bad for being totally “of the moment.” (I used to never prepare for interviews and just go in and see where it would take us.) So anyway, the rest of the songs are what I have been listening to lately, and think maybe you might enjoy them as well. If not, well, at least you got to hear a Descendents song you’ve never heard before.

To quote the Descendents, "Enjoy my good friends! Enjoy!"

-Matt Average

Big Crux, "Proto-core" (SDF / Iron Lung)
Cross Stitched Eyes, "Decomposition" (Alternative Tentacles)
Young Republicans, "Respect for Authority" (More than A Witness)
Bloody Hammer, "Get Up and Go" (Cutthroat)
Artificial Peace, "Suburban Wasteland" (Dischord)
Plates, "Dayplanner" (Big Neck)
Drunks with Guns, "Enemy" (Dental)
Unrest, "I Do Believe You're Blushing" (Teen Beat)
ESG, "Chistelle" (Soul Jazz)
100 Flowers, "Dyslexia" (Rhino)
Tsunami, "Water's Edge" (Simple Machines)
My Dad Is Dead, "Water's Edge" (Homestead)
Descendents, "Lookin' at You"
The Last, "Lookin' at You" (Bomp)
Veronica Falls, "Bad Feeling" (Slumberland)

A note on the flyer: I think the flyer was designed by Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips.  It's definitely his hand writing. His girlfriend, Michelle Vlasiminsky, used to organize shows in the Norman/OKC area and manage his band, and later Nirvana. She was the one who started showing a friend and me how to organize shows. She had a great system and focused on making sure that shows were well promoted—hitting all the record shops at least a month in advance, telephone poles, then checking all spots back a couple weeks later. Then the week before just blitzkrieg. A lot of work for a small scene. This was the show she started training us with. A good start for sure!