Razorcake Podcast #220: With Jimmy Alvarado

Jul 13, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #220: With Jimmy Alvarado

Old, new, noisy, catchy – bases pretty much covered this time ’round. Summer’s gettin’ its head of steam worked up as I type this. Here are some tunes to blast while you beat the heat. Respect and blessings to Adam Yauch, who I don’t think I ever met in person, but nonetheless I spent many a summer with, him blasting out the nearest radio and me doing shit I had no business doing.

-Jimmy Alvarado



Sonic Avenues, “Always Looking for Something” (Television Youth, Dirtnap)
Powerchords, “Chemical Girl” (More than Me 7”, Bachelor)
Noise By Numbers, “Southgate House” (Split 7” w/ the Magnificent, Solidarity)
Organs, “Get it Right” (Get it Right 7” EP, KD)
Narcoleptic Youth, “Barbi in Bondage” (Barbi in Bondage 7” EP, Dr. Strange)
Radar Eyes, “I Am” (Self-titled, HoZac)
Hunches, “Deaf Ambitions” (Exit Dreams, In the Red)
Chrome Cranks, “Rubber Rat” (Ain’t No Lies in Blood, Thick Syrup)
John Coltrane, “Jupiter” (Interstellar Space, Impulse)
Aztlan Underground, “9 10 11 12 (Message to the Dominant Culture)” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Unsane, “No Chance” (Wreck, Alternative Tentacles)
Houndog, “I’ll Change My Style” (Self-titled, Sony)
Beastie Boys, “The Scenario” (unreleased)
DJ Hurricane, “Stick ’em Up” (The Hurra, Grand Royal)
Beastie Boys, “Desperado” (unreleased)