Razorcake Podcast #216: With Dave Williams

Jun 15, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #216: With Dave Williams

I suppose that the goal of this, my first podcast in a significant tenure at Razorcake, was to focus on a few of the “worlds” that comprise my daily listening. I decided to leave the more “extreme” elements out this time, as Finnish black metal and Holy Terror hardcore aren’t entirely up Razorcake’s alley (even though it is a rather broad one). So I decided to divvy up my hour into three sets: the first, a selection of my favorite current/recent European punk rock output; the second, a smattering of either local (Ottawa) or extended familial Canadian tracks; and third, delving into somewhat heavier territory with cuts from some of my favorite hardcore/crust of the last year or two.

So enjoy, and of course if you really dig something, look up that record label and buy that wax!

-Dave Williams

No Weather Talks, “Separation Perfected” (from Demo, 2012)
Terrible Feelings, “Shadows Follow Me” (from Shadows LP, Sabotage 2012)
Blank Pages, “Unseen” (from self-titled EP, Taken By Surprise 2011)
Vånna Inget, “Alla Andra Dagar” (from Allvar LP, P.Trash 2011)
Hysterese, “Deadbeat” (from self-titled 12”, Search For Fame 2011)
The Splits, “Stroke” (from self-titled LP, P.Trash 2012)
Invasionen, “Demonerna” (from Saker Som Jag Sagt TillNatten LP, 2011)
The Creeps, “Creeping Me Out” (from Art of the Underground EP, AOTU 2012)
Tongan Death Grip, “Scientology” (from Chula Vista LP, P.Trash 2011)
Sonic Avenues, “Waste Away Alone” (from Television Youth LP, Dirtnap 2012)
Needles//Pins, “Cannot Get Enough” (from 12:34 LP, Mammoth Cave 2012)
The Johnnies, “Brokedown Flora” (from 45 Sessions, Pretty Bad 2012)
Fear Of Lipstick, “Memel” (from Seasons LP, P.Trash 2012)
Between Earth & Sky, “Damnatio Memoraie” (from Of Roots and Wings EP, Refuse 2011)
Countdown To Oblivion, “Spray P.E.C.” (from Discography LP, A389 2012)
Asile, “Nulle Part” (from self-titled EP, 2012)
From The Depths, “Peace in Our Time” (from Next Victim split LP, Crimethinc 2010)
Sleeping Pilot, “Letter to the Romans” (from Nuda Vita LP, 2012)