Razorcake Podcast #215: With Bryan Static

Jun 08, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #215: With Bryan Static

I’m a completest nerd. If I know it is of quality, then I have to see it/read it/watch it. For this reason, my list of things to do never actually empties itself. That’s also the reason why my favorite part of the year is the end. That’s when I get to see everybody arguing about what the best records of the year were. I was actually a little disappointed that I didn’t see many records I hadn’t already heard this year, but that’s fine! After scouring through all of the records that I’ve heard this year, I’ve compiled this playlist of my favorite songs, with some glaring omissions, of course*. All in all, I give 2011 an A- for music. I feel like 2010 had more good records, but this year had some high quality releases.

Best Show of 2011: Marked Men, Shitty Limits, and Chinese Telephones at Red 7 in Austin, TX

House Boat, “Throwing in Those Weird Chords Did Wonders for the Copyrights And The Dopamines” (The Thorns of Life, Kiss of Death/Traffic Street)
The Copyrights, “Worn Out Passport: (North Sentinel Island, It’s Alive/Red Scare)
Future Virgins, “Ruin Me” (Western Problems, Starcleaner/Plan-It X South)
Sloane Peterson, “Tallahassee” (Why Go Out?, Dead Broke/Hip-Kids/Hang Up/Art of the Underground)
Chixdiggit!, “Found Love” (Safeways Here We Come, Fat)
The Slow Death, “Fuck You Nighthawk” (Born Ugly, Got Worse, Kiss of Death)
Smart Cops, “La Legge Del Più Debole” (Per Proteggere e Servire, Sorry State)
Billy Raygun, “Selfish Shellfish” (What Are We Gonna Do Now?) (Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide Split LP, Bloated Kat/John Wilkes Booth)
Tenement, “Spit in the Wind” (Napalm Dream, Mandible)
Diarrhea Planet, “Cigarettes” (Loose Jewels, Infinity Cat)
Jeff The Brotherhood, “Mellow Out” (We Are The Champions, Infinity Cat)
Whatever Brains, “Blues Lawyer” (Self-titled, Sorry State)
The Spits, “I’m Scum” (Self-titled, In The Red)
Night Birds, “Oblivious” (The Other Side of Darkness, Grave Mistake)
Alex Cuervo, “Hand of Glory” (Self-titled, Trouble in Mind)
The Heat Tape, “Spend It” (Raccoon Valley Recordings, Red Scare)
Lenguas Largas, “Yardsale Heart” (Self-titled, Recess)
Big Kitty, “Milky Way Spin” (Florence, Recess)