Razorcake Podcast #213: With Todd Taylor

May 25, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #213: With Todd Taylor

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. I come from an era of punk rockers who missed the golden ages. I was about ten years too young to grab onto hardcore in ’81. Even younger for the first wave of punk. I became a self-professed, full-fledged punk in 1986. I went to school in rural towns, all the way through college.

Ask around. ’86 was a low point for punk rock and there were a rough several years afterwards. I wasn’t in Berkeley when Gilman was exploding, got to see fIREHOSE instead of the Minutemen. ALL instead of Descendents. Those aren’t complaints. If it were, I’d get to the root of it and blame my mom and dad and ask them why they didn’t fuck ten years earlier, which seems vain and silly.

I got in during a long punk lull, which was okay by me. One uptick was that punk vinyl was in abundance, not-yet-very-collectible, and budget priced. (The Feederz record probably set me back ten bucks.)

So, for a good ten years, I bounced this punk thing around with a small group of friends who routinely got called fags by cowboys, rednecks, jocks, and random passer-bys. (What stung was when people called us hippies.) I’ve always been of modest means, so whatever music I bought, I played and played and played. I’m thankful for that. It made me appreciate music in and of itself. It also gave me ample time to form my own musical tastes.

When I got into a position where I had abundant access to music, I promised myself that I’d never take it for granted. That I’d keep searching while continuing to appreciate songs and bands that helped me through culturally dark, bleak times.

This shit’s all over the map, yet it all fits together somehow. Punk, who knew you’d be so flexible, so long-living?


Young Governor, “Punks in Labour” (SP)
Consumers, “Media Ogre” (In The Red)
Masshysteri, “När Botten Är Nädd” (Feral Ward)
Measure [SA], “No Regerts” (No Idea)
Pretty Girls Make Graves, “Speakers Push the Air” (Lookout)
Armalite, “Double Negativity-ing” (No Idea)
Feederz, “1984” (Steal)
Secret Prostitutes, “Ban Sampah” (Kenrock)
OHL “Macth des Feurs” (Rock-o-Rama)
Little Cuts, “RRHS” (Dirtnap)
Sloane Peterson, “Impression” (Art Of The Underground / Hang Up / Dead Broke / Hip Kid / Steve’s Pizza And Records)
Knock Knock, “If I Don’t Sing, If I Don’t Dance” (Sac / Phono Select)
Billy No Mates, “Timed Out” (No Idea / Household Name / PoisonCity)
Suburban Lawns, “Gidget Goes to Hell” (Suburban Industrial)
Kalashnikov, “Vampirizzati Oggi” (Fifteen labels, including Chaos Rurale)