Razorcake Podcast #212: With Daryl Gussin

May 18, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #212: With Daryl Gussin

After some quick scrambling around my room, opening some recently delivered mail, and doing some quick organizing; I discovered that I have a pretty decent set of songs to play. A mixed bag of sub-genres, with one main thing in common: punk vinyl.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of shows and record stores. And although I didn’t pick up anything new, it's always nice to just be around it and check in on what's out there. Whether I'm salivating over a copy of the Yes LA comp on the wall at Permanent Records or looking over the new “sold out” Tragedy LP at their show, it's affirming to see so much time and effort going into this culture I hold so dear.

Hope you hear something you don't hate.


Sloane Peterson, "Tallahassee" (Why Go Out? LP, Art Of The Underground / Hang Up / Dead Broke / Hip Kid / Steve's Pizza and Records)
Joint D≠, "Poison II" (Strike Gently LP, Sorry State)
Synthetic ID, "Between the Lines" (Self-titled 7", Satellite Visions / Cut The Cord That…)
The Resonars, "Eden in Transition" (Bright and Dark LP, Burger)
French Exit, "Dominoes" (Split 7" with Signals Midwest, On The Real / Solidarity)
Sick Sick Birds, "Pick and Choose" (Gates of Home LP, Toxic Pop)
UX Vileheads, "Kitchen Knife" (Hardcore XI LP, Sorry State)
Terrible Feelings, "Lady Luck" (Shadows LP, Deranged)
Bitpart, "Meet Me in the Freezer" (Where We Are LP, Corndog, etc)
Youth Avoiders, "Run" (Time Flies 7", Build Me A Bomb / Destructure)
Dead Language, "Paranoia" (Self-titled LP, Iron Lung)
Sickoids, "King of the Dirt Mound" (Self-titled LP, Residue)
Tenement, "(Messy Endings) In Middle America" (Blind Wink LP, Cowabunga)
White Guilt, "Forgiveness" (Forgiveness 7", Feeble Minds / Video Disease)
Glow Kit, "Take It Back" (Self-titled LP, P. Trash / FDH)