Razorcake Podcast #209: With Jimmy Alvarado

Apr 27, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #209: With Jimmy Alvarado

A batch of (mostly) darker, moodier stuff this time ’round, with a sort of 60/40 split between new and “classic,” stuff if you will. The X track is by the Australian group that was active during roughly the same period as their Los Angeles counterparts, and was a whole different kind of awesome. Also, if you can find a copy, I recommend the film Salo, by director Pier Paolo Pasolini, who is the subject of Coil’s “Ostia.” Heartwarming film fun for the whole family, it is.


Tracklisting:Amoebas, “No Emotion” (Self-titled, Modern Action)
Spider Fever, “Party Girl” (Whatcha Gonna Do 7”, HoZac)
Death Becomes Even the Maiden, “Control” (The Arrangement, Vie Devant Soi)
Spelling Missteaks, “Rubber Duck” (Popstar 7” EP, Stortbeat)
Alicja-Pop, “I Play the Fool” (I Play the Fool 7”, Certified PR)
The Fingers, “Isolation” (Isolation 7” EP, Last Laugh)
X, “Half Way Round the World” (At Home with You, Morphius)
Mood of Defiance, “American Love Song” (Life is Boring So Why Not Steal this Record comp, New Underground)
Rubella Ballet, “Love Life” (Anarchy in the UV, Overground)
Coil, “Ostia” (the Death of Pasolini)” (Horse Rotorvator, Threshold House)
PP-Ku, “Brainwashed Bimbos” (Spokanarchy soundtrack, Carnage & Rouge)
Manikin, “Minority Rules” (Minority Rules 7”, Super Secret)
Siouxsie & the Banshees, “Nicotine Stain” (The Scream, Polydor)
PIL, “Chant” (Metal Box, Virgin)
Accordion Crimes, “Academy” (Accordion Crimes/Lion Sized split 7”, Cash Cow)