Razorcake Podcast #208: With Matt Phuzz

Apr 20, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #208: With Matt Phuzz

Picking records to play on a podcast is fucked! Should I play all my pals’ bands to be cool? Do I try and find the most obscure shit that makes me seem hip and relevant? Hell, I could have taken the payola from Adam Alive and played a whole set of “It’s Alive Records” crap. But the allure of an Adam blowjob has lost all the zing. Last time I had one from him, he didn’t even cry once during the whole process. Looking at my vinyl, I decided to bring out some records that inspired me to play music as well as got me into this punk called rock.

The process of picking fifteen records or so was also a tedious task. I like to say that I am really into power pop from the ‘70s and early ‘80s and I felt like I had abandoned my roots as I pulled out some of these oldies and blew dust off each cover. A few of these licorice pizzas haven’t been spun in years. It really brought me back listening to them and picking what tunes I would play.

My only problem with this was sharing the limelight with a gal who claims Bruce Springsteen is the voice of his generation (Christina) and a known terrorist (Donna) I know that I am on some friggin' list because of this. There goes my easy through the airport security white male ticket I used to have. It's worthless now..... The good that came from all this was that I was able bring the bad out of Todd. I have high hopes you people will see now him for the racist he really is. Bless his big bigoted heart.

-Matt Phuzz

Mrs. Miller, “Downtown” Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits. 1966 first release
Redd Kross, “Peach Kelli Pop” Neurotica, 1987 (Big Time Records)
The Chords, “Maybe Tomorrow” Live at the Rainbow, 1980 (Unicorn Records)
The Jam, “Standards” This Is The Modern World, 1977
Secret Affair, “Time for Action” Glory Boys, 1979
Ramones, “I Wanna Be Well” Rocket to Russia, 1977
The Undertones, “Male Model” The Undertones, 1979
The Beat, (Paul Collins) “Different Kind Of Girl” The Beat, 1979
Toy Dolls, “Blue Suede Shoes” Dig That Groove Baby, 1983 (Volume Records)
Teenbeats, “I Can't Control Myself” Uppers on the South Downs, 1980 (Safari Records)
Squire (Anthony Meynell), “September Girls” September Girls, 1984 (Hi-Low Records)
Purple Hearts, “Jimmy” (Beat That!) 1979 (Fiction Records)
The Muffs, “New Love” New Love, single, 1991 (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
The Three O'Clock, “Jet Fighter” Sixteen Tambourines, 1983 (Frontier Records)
The Jetset, “Once in a Lifetime” Go Bananas!, 1986 (The Dance Network)
Cheap Trick, “Voices” Dream Police, 1979