Razorcake Podcast #207: With Jimmy Alvarado

Apr 13, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #207: With Jimmy Alvarado

Was gonna write this long, heavy rap about the role of music in my life, “how I rarely go three minutes without either listening, playing or even thinking about some band, album or song; how I’ve driven most of the people I know batshit at one point or another with all my blathering of facts, tidbits and so on about shit most sane people could care a fig about; and how, contrary to popular belief, each and every release I pull from Razorcake’s review bins is met with the thought that it’s surely gonna be the greatest danged thing anyone’s ever heard in the history of sound waves. But no, suffice to say I think music is mighty swell, we’ll leave it at that and let the tunes do the heavy lifting here.

A lot of different styles from different eras this time ’round, partly to keep things from becoming one long, boring blur of soporific sonic blah, partly ’cause these are songs I’ve been diggin’ a lot lately. The obscurity hounds will note the Membranes track from their 1983 demo. As mentioned in the podcast, this is not the UK band, but rather the one that hailed from Hollywood that released (to the best of my knowledge) only two tracks on vinyl, “a version of Rick James’ “Super Freak” on Mystic’s Covers comp, and the tune “Hollywood Girl” on the Mystic Sampler #2 comp, “and included members that went on to figure prominently in Dead Lazlo’s Place, I believe. A band I was in played Dollar Night at the Cathay de Grande with them, Mad Parade, the Steps and the Factor back in 1983, we became instant fans and as you can tell by the sound of the recording, that demo got a helluva lot of radio time. Speaking of covers, I think you’ll find the cover of Stevie Wonder’s “La La La” by East Los legends will indeed, “tear you up.”

Music, man. In the words of the prophet Flava Flav, “Rock that shit, homie.”


The Magnificent, “1981” (1981 7”, Drunken Sailor)
Angst, “Neil Armstrong” (Self-titled 12”, Happy Squid)
Noodle Muffin, “I’m Ashamed” (Karmic Bitchslap CD, Fyoog State)
Red Transistor, “Not Bite” (New York Noise Vol. 2, Soul Jazz)
Night Beats, “Puppet On A String” (Self-titled, Trouble in Mind)
Man…or Astro-Man?, “f =gmM” (moon)” (Your Weight on the Moon, Overground)
Blendells, “La La La” (The Eastside Sound comp, Dionysus)
Wall of Voodoo, “Back in Flesh” (Dark Continent, IRS)
Somnambulist, “Things I was Due to Forget” (Minimal Wave comp, Stones Throw)
Suburban Lawns, “Unable” (Self-titled, IRS)
Teenage Popeye, “Life is Cheap” (Modern Problems 7”, Alien Nation)
Smogtown, “I’m a Jerk” (Smog on 45, Hostage)
Social Task, “Don’t Detain” (1979 Studio Recordings 7” EP, Artifix)
Cannomen, “No Sex” (Sex on the Bleach 7” Ep, Self-released)
Step Dads, “I Hate Haiti” (Déjà Vu 7” EP, NMG)
Membranes, “White House” (1983 Demo)
Art Yard, “The Law” (The Law 7”, Ride the Snake)
Mystery Girls, “The Magic is Gone” (Incontinopia, In the Red)