Razorcake Podcast #204: With Todd Taylor

Mar 23, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #204: With Todd Taylor

The longer I do podcasts, the simpler the process becomes. I play music I like. It’s fun matching up stuff that I’ve enjoyed for a long time—like The Saints and Tragedy this time out—and mixing it in with brand new songs from active bands. Keeps the soils tilled; the scalp itchy, the radar blipping.

I’m also glad that it’s no longer 1996 for punk rock. That was the year I started reviewing for Flipside and was confronted with a landslide of so many bands trying to fit into subgenres that were selling really well at the time. (Ska punk. Very processed pop punk. Emo.)

I’ve said this before, but I think it deserves repeating. Punk’s a big umbrella. It’s alive in unlikely places and is continuously changing. (But you know what it is, instantly.) Life’s too short to cram yourself in one of its subgenres or to live and die by a rigid set of bands.

Bounce around a little. Get stupid. Seek out your favorites, play the best.

Otherwise, the internet and khaki pants win.


The Saints, “Know Your Product”
Bright Ideas, “Casanova’s Memoirs” (Squirmy)
Good Luck, “Novel Figure” (No Idea)
Marvelous Darlings, “Shoot the Piano Player” (Deranged)
Shang-a-Lang, “Waiting for the End” (No Breaks, Dirt Cult, Fast Crowd, Silver Sprocket, Let’s Pretend, Drunken Sailor)
The Pushers, “Bad Bank Blues” (Hostage)
Big Crux, “Nature’s Cruise” ((SD) F)
Secret Prostitutes, “Jabatan Dicopot” (Bat Shit)
The Trans Megetti, “Opposite of Techno” (Art Monk)
The Measure [SA], “Jersey’s Best” (Don Giovanni)
Lost Sounds, “Plastic Skin” (Goner)
Off With Their Heads, “Never Run” (Drunken Sailor)
Ty Segall, “It” (Goner)
Mind Spiders, “Beat” (Dirtnap)
Tragedy, “Confessions of a Suicide Advocate” (Tragedy)