Razorcake Podcast #203: With Jimmy Alvarado

Mar 16, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #203: With Jimmy Alvarado

Howdy, kids. Been a good long spell since I’ve done one of these. I fully blame all this newfangled technology for my prolonged absence. As a result, this time out includes some old ‘n’ some new stuff for your listening pleasure. Hope ye dig it.

–Jimmy Alvarado

Flipper, “New Rules No Rules” (Public Flipper Ltd., Subterranean)
Swell Maps, “Another Song” (Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk, Vol. 1, Rough Trade)
Heavy Times, “Future City” (Jacker, HoZac)
The Soft Moon, “Tiny Spiders” (Self-titled, self-released)
Eric and the Happy Thoughts, “Indiana Girls” (Self-titled, HoZac)
Barreracudas, “Girl” (Nocturnal Missions, Douche Master)
Atom Notes, “Money Well Spent” (Spare Parts, Combat Rock Industry)
Reverend Beat Man, “Jesus Christ Twist” (Voodoo Rhythm Compilation Vol. 3, Voodoo Rhythm)
Pedestrians, “Blood Stains” (Ideal Divide, Southkore)
Uncle Touchy, “Soft Skin” (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Violence, Scene Kids in Pain)
Captain Beefheart, “Pena” (Trout Mask Replica, Reprise)
Battalion of Saints, “Sweaty Little Girls” (Split Single w/ SVDB, Mystic)
The Goons, “U$A” (More Kaos compilation, Motherbox)
Bum Kon, “Questions” (Drunken Sex Sucks, Smooch)
Rapid Loss, “Self-Inflicted” (A Dark Place 7”, self-released)
Terminal Mind, “I want to Die Young
Shapes, “(I Saw) Batman (in the Launderette)” (Songs for Sensible People, Overground)
Plugz, “La Bamba” (Achin’ 7”, Fatima)
Slits, “Typical Girls” (Cut, Island)
Noise Noise Noise, “The Way You Look Now” (Blazing Hot Title Track, Tummyrock)