Razorcake Podcast #202: With Kurt Morris

Mar 09, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #202: With Kurt Morris

Although it may seem simple, I’ve made the theme for this podcast songs with colors in the titles. It’s one I’ve been thinking of putting together for a while and I like it because it allows for a wide variety of styles and bands. Hopefully you’ll find a few things you like.

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Circle Jerks, “Red Tape” (Group Sex, Frontier)
GridLink, “Amber Gray” (Amber Gray, Hydra Head)
No Knife, “The Red Bedroom” (Riot for Romance!, Better Looking)
Red Animal War, “Violet” (Polizida, Ice Planet)
Pinback, “Blue Harvest” (Autumn of the Seraphs, Touch and Go)
Kolya, “Robots Dream Black and White” (Self-titled, Caulfield)
Bright Calm Blue, “Salt and Black Water” (A Direct Approach for Casual Conversation, Level Plane)
Tomahawk, “Red Fox” (Anonymous, Ipecac)
Jets To Brazil, “Lemon Yellow Black” (Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Jade Tree)
Hum, “Green to Me” (Downward Is Heavenward, RCA)
Dinosaur Jr., “Green Mind” (Green Mind, Sire)