Razorcake Podcast #201: With Chris Terry

Mar 02, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #201: With Chris Terry

My name is Chris Terry and I've been writing for Razorcake since 2006. I live in Chicago, where I'm getting a creative writing MFA and hosting the punk-themed reading series Neutron Bomb. I visited L.A. in February 2012 and spent the afternoon at Razorcake HQ, playing some favorite music, with a focus on records I reviewed for Razorcake, and selections from Richmond, Virginia's fertile DIY scene. Expect eclectic.


Stirling Says, “Cassingle”
Future Virgins, “Wax Memories”
Fat Shadow, “Black Cassette”
Hose.Got.Cable, “Pig Star”
Stop It!!, “Name + Number”
97-Shiki, “Dinner Plate”
Death Grips, “Klink”
(Young) Pioneers, “Carlos the Jackal”
Full Sun, “Persuaded”
Inquisition, “Greta Brinkman Vs. The City”
Daylight Robbery, “White Sheets in the Street”
The Humms, “Oh My Lawd!”
Reports, “Pick a Side”
Sundials, “Blame”
Josh Small, “Who's Foolin' You”
Liza Kate, “O Sally!”