Razorcake Podcast #200: With Todd and Daryl

Feb 24, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #200: With Todd and Daryl

Bicentennial bazooka of tunes!

Listen to two non-profit board members shotgun beers as thanks to large donors! (Not joking. Laughing while burping hurts.)

Daryl and I went through several ideas for this podcast that got bogged down. I tried to find five punk songs I really liked that mentioned ice cream. Because ice cream’s rad.  And ice cream’s a party. After a couple weeks, I only found song I really liked and about five I was ho-hum about (covers of “Ice Cream Man” run rampant). Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s “Cool Ice Cream” was the sole survivor of my ice-cream-in-punk-song search. I thought punk would be lousy with ‘em.

Being a responsible, legitimate non-profit takes a lot of paperwork, especially at the end of a year. Then that dim bulb went off. “Wow. We’ve been busy the past twelve months. We put out… five records? Really?”

You want a party in one hand and tunes to that celebration in the other. Ding dong! Lightning bolt. Fuckit, let’s play songs we really like by stand-up folks. We just happened to put them out. The crass will call it cross-promotion. Crass could, hypothetically, call it reinforcement of the paradigm of the self-dialectic. I call it, “Oh, yeah. Summer Vacation’s rulin’ it. That song’s about Tiffany.” Daryl rolls his eyes.

Daryl picked songs by bands that mean a lot to him. He put a lot of thought into it and we totally avoid talking about it in the podcast… silence…

We’d also like to thank Phill Legault for the donation of the new podcast computer. We had to double check that it rendered the final file. So fast. So this is what the 2000s feel like? Civil war musket to space shuttle type of difference. Big ups also go out to Wes Chapman who’s in the process of turning the previously janky podcast setup into a swanky one. My knee no longer thwaks the headphone jack and makes songs mono in the middle until we jiggle the wire again.

Razorcake’s done two hundred podcasts? No fucking way.

So fucking way.


God Equals Genocide, “Give It Up Front” (to be released: Rattled Minds LP, Razorcake / Dirt Cult)
Crusades, “Remedy” (The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In LP, It’s Alive / Razorcake)
Summer Vacation, “Tiffany Sucks” (Condition LP, Recess / Razorcake)
Hex Dispensers, “Goodbye Spooky” (Sister Series 7”, Razorcake)
Young Offenders, “Frustration” (Sister Series 7”, Razorcake)
Dillinger Four, “Fire-side Chat” (Situationist Comedy LP, Fat)
Sexy, “Crows” (Por Vida LP, Onion Flavored)
Observers, “The Condition” (So What’s Left Now? LP, Vinyl Warning)
RiverCity Tanlines, “Not Gonna Think About It Anymore” / “Drowning Dreams” / Gimme All Your Cuts” (I’m Your Negative LP, Dirtnap)
Tenement, “City Bus #30” (Napalm Dream LP, Mandible)
Grabass Charlestons, “The Laughing Song” (Ask Mark Twain LP, No Idea)
Tim Version, “Mark’s Albatross” (The Decline of the Southern Gentlemen LP, No Idea)
Tiltwheel, “I Spent My Spring Break in Vancouver, BC and All I Got Was This Dumb Song” (The High Hate Us LP, ADD)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring, “Cool Ice Cream” (Self-titled, Goner)