Razorcake Podcast #199: With Mitch Clem

Feb 17, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #199: With Mitch Clem

Hey kids!

Mitch Clem here, back with another slam-bang, action-packed podcast full of thrills, chills, and telephone bills. No theme this time around (some things never change), just some awesome punk rock jams and two bottles of wine. I hope I didn't come off as the obnoxious douche I normally come off as, though, truth be told, I made no effort to hide it, so what am I even saying? Thanks to everyone who wrote to Todd and asked if I'd do another one of these, and thanks to Bryan Static for being my copilot through this crazy adventure called LIFE. At least, the podcasting parts of life.

No relevant photo to go with this one, so here's a picture of a badass vintage racing bike I just bought!

Good night, San Antonio!


Mischief Brew, “Pompous Ass Manifesto” (Fistolo)
Masshysteri, “När botten är nådd” (Ny Våg/Feral Ward)
Good Luck, “Novel Figure” (self released)
Scared Of Chaka, “The Millionth Mile” (Hopeless)
Tenement, “Earwig” (Hang Up/SP/Mandible)
Strike, “Open to Interperetation” (Johann's Face)
Neon Piss, “Golden State Advantage” (self released)
Night Birds, “Bad Biology” (No Way)
Burning Sensation, “Weeping Wound” (Vertex)
Intelligence, “Bong Life” (In the Red)
Spits, “Fallout Beach” (In the Red)
Crusades, “Dreamers” (It's Alive/Razorcake/Hardware/Sabotage)
The Hell, “R.R.R.” (self released)
Arrivals, “Pull Down the Willows” (Recess)