Razorcake Podcast #198: With Bryan Static

Feb 10, 2012

Razorcake Podcast #198: With Bryan Static

Confession: I sat on a prototype of this playlist for the last three months. The transitions between songs just never felt quite… correct. What you are about to experience is the fourth or fifth incarnation of this playlist. Slowly, after much poking and prodding, this experiment has come to life and will soon haunt townsfolk of a small European village.

I blame my “to-read” pile actually. That bastard never seems to shrink. Please listen to this podcast while reading a good book.

Forbidden Tigers, “Glimpse of a Ghost” (Glimpse of a Ghost, AFistful of Records, 2008)
The Sonics, “Shot Down” (Boom, Etiquette/Norton, 1966)
Tijuana Panthers, “Creature” (Max Baker, Pussy Cow, 2010)
Thee Cormans, “The Number Six” (Halloween Record w/Sound Effects, In The Red, 2011)
Los Explosivos, “Ya No Puedes Escapar” (Self-titled, Get Hip, 2007)
Occult Detective Club, “I’m A Ghost” (Tortures, Red Lounge, 2009)
Low Culture, “Georgia” (Demo, Dirt Cult, 2011)
Rad Payoff, “We’re All Going To Die” (Demo, Lucky Gator, 2011)
Ex Humans, “Reckless” (Self-titled, Rob’s House, 2010)
Cloud Nothings, “Morgan” (Morgan b/w Another Man, Group Tightener, 2010)
Vacation, “Pile Up” (Self-title, The Recording Label, 2011)
Young Governor, “Weird Ground” (Hidden Love, Parts Unknown, 2009)
Audacity, “Fun Spot” (I Pee In Pools, Recess, 2011)
Diarrhea Planet, “Warm Ridin” (Loose Jewels, Infinity Cat, 2011)
Teenage Bottlerocket, “Opportunity” (Another Way, One Legged Pup, 2003)
Summer Vacation, “Tiffany Sucks” (Condition, Lauren, 2011)
The Bananas, “1-2-3-4-5” (New Animals, Recess, 2008)
Nana Grizol, “Untitled” (Love It Love It, Orange Twin, 2007)