Razorcake Podcast #191: With Candice Tobin

Dec 23, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #191: With Candice Tobin

My Christmas present to you, dear Razorcake, is a carefully selected batch of songs designed to keep your blood pumping and your extremities warm during these frosty winter months.


Paulson, “Nightfall” Variations (Initial)
This Is My Fist!, “Wooden Bullets” A History of Rats (No Idea)
Embrace, “Dance of Days” Self-titled (Dischord)
The Sultans, “(This Ain't No) Solid State” Ghost Ship (Swami)
Shang-A-Lang, “Must Be Damned” Collection (Silver Sprocket)
Witches With Dicks, “Skate Or Die Two Is Going To Be Awesome When It Comes Out” Manual (Kiss Of Death)
Against Me!, “Rice + Bread” …as the Eternal Cowboy (Fat)
The Moving Parts, “Anti-Aircraft Warning” Wrong Conclusion (Arf Arf)
The Measure [SA], “Be Yours” Notes (No Idea)
The Soviettes, “Don't Say No” LP II (Adeline)
Scared Of Chaka, “Glass Socket/Broken Jaw” Crossing With Switchblades (Hopeless/Sub City)
Dananananaykroyd, “Pink Sabbath” Hey Everyone (Best Before)
The Epoxies, “Beat My Guest” Self-titled (Dirtnap)
Pink Razors, “The New Justice (I Wanna Be)” Waiting To Wash Up (Robotic Empire)
The Minutemen, “Shit From An Old Notebook” Double Nickels On The Dime (SST)