Razorcake Podcast #190: With Christina Zamora

Dec 16, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #190: With Christina Zamora

Another awesome and fun podcast with many cuss words.

Good times! J


The Salteens, “Lock The Door” No Slow…All Go. (Half Mast)
The Vindictives, “I’m In Trouble Now” Ben weasel Presents: Punk USA (Lookout!)
URTC, “We Aren’t the World” Knows Your Sins (Recess)
Shellshag, “Means That Much to Me” Rumours In Disguise (Don Giovanni)
Dead Dog, “Fido” Don’t Touch Me (Let’s Pretend)
Undertones, “Teenage kicks” Self-titled (Drastic Plastic)
Pansy Division, “He Could Be The One” Valentines Day 7”(Lookout!)
Peach Kelli Pop, “Doo Wah Diddy” Self-titled (Going Gaga)
Sicko, “Weight of the Sun” Viva La Vinyl (Dead Beat/Campground)
The Kids, “I Wish” Viva La Vinyl (Dead Beat/Campground)
Bollweevils, “What Do I Believe” Teenage Kicks (Liberation)
MTX, “New Girlfriend” Alternative Is Here To Stay! 7” (Lookout!)
Cock Sparrer, “We’re Coming Back” Shock Troops (Razor)
The Beltones, “Fuck You Anyway” On Deaf Ears (TKO)
Steve Adamyk Band, “I Fought For the USA” Self-titled (Dirtnap)
Bananas, “Gentrification for Dummies” New Animals (Recess)
Bent Outta Shape, “Disappointment Rock” Stray Dog Town (Recess)
RVIVR, “Paper Thin” Belebend 7” (Rumbletowne)