Razorcake Podcast #19: With Shahab Zargari

Jul 18, 2008

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to play during the podcast and not really what I would say in between the songs...and so if it sounds candid and dorky, that's because it is!

I wanted to be 100% sure that the music I chose would be so rare or off the wall that most of the folks downloading it to their computers will get an extra special kick out of the podcast aside from the fact that they are indeed great songs to begin with.

As soon as I got to Razorcake HQ there was a long list of songs I had already come up with I wish I had brought with me instead of what you have before you. So next time Heela and the kids will accompany me to Razorcake's super duper studios and we'll put on an even better show for you. Until then, I sincerely hope you enjoy this mishmash batch of songs.

By the way, if you're wondering what show the song "Video To Radio" was the theme for, go to youtube and search for "Kidd Video" and watch the introduction to the show. Fun stuff.

-Shahab Zargari


Enemy You, “Video to Radio”
Zatopeks, “Turkish Bread Chronicle”
Vlad And The Impalers, “Bolts, Screws, Nuts, and Cigarette Butts”
Siren, “Money Changes Everything”
X-Ray Spex, “Cigarettes”
Schwartzeneggar, “Sad Life”
Negativland, “Car Bomb”
Atari Teenage Riot, “Kids Are United”
Blitz, “New Age”
CSS, “Alala”
Deadbeats, “Get Off My Cloud”
Rudimentary Peni, “Only Death”
Rah Bras, “Oui, Oui, Oui”
PilotScottTracy, “Master Jack”
Dean Gray, “American Jesus”