Razorcake Podcast #188: With Daryl Gussin

Dec 02, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #188: With Daryl Gussin

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Steve Adamyk Band, "Never Wake Up" (Forever Wont Wait, Dirtnap)
Divine Right, "Whores for Trade" (Pray for Me 7", Residue)
Mean Jeans, "Freaked & Geeked" (Portland Mutant Party 7", Johnny Cat)
Culture Kids, "Dropped Off the Block" (Self-released 7")
Neighborhood Brats, "We Own the Night" (7" on Abscess)
Wreck Of The Zephyr, "The Rolling Over Process" (For Helen, Pass The Fist)
The Men, "Bataille" (Leave Home, Sacred Bones)
Fuck Detector, "220 Boys" (7" on Dumb Choice)
Uh-Oh, "Knives" (Split 7" with Off-Days, HS!BF)
Tenement, "Paper Airplanes" (Take Everything 7", Toxic Pop)
Arteries, "Kings of Shit" (Split 7" with The Arrivals, All In Vinyl)
Nuclear Cult, "Ökothrill" (Better Nightmares 7", on Warm Bath)
Turkish Techno, "Without You" (Past Due, Dirt Cult/Wolf Dog/Muy Autentico)
Brain F≠, "Lie About Diet" (Sleep Rough, Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
True Stereo, "Hey" (7" on Dead Broke/Family Night)