Razorcake Podcast #186: With Juan Espinosa

Nov 18, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #186: With Juan Espinosa

Welcome to my fourth podcast for Razorcake. This time around I sat down with Daryl “No Synths!” Gussin in a battle of the “most boring voices in punk rock.”

Has anyone ever asked you “What’s your favorite record of all time?” and have you ever been able to answer that question? I can’t and haven’t.

That question seems to be for the kind of person who is done listening to new music. The kind of jaded dork who thinks they know all there is to know about punk music. That’s too bad for them because I find a new record to get excited about nearly every week.

I vouch for every single one of these records. They all rule.

Most of us here at Razorcake would never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to new music. We don’t have the time or money to do that so I really do hope you trust our tastes and come away with a new found interest in at least one of these bands.


The Spits, “My Life Sucks” V LP(In The Red)
Big Crux, “Don’t Drink the Tea” Nature Crusing 12” (Self-released)
Foreign Objects, “Fixed Failure” Self Titled 7” (Shock To The System / Loud Punk)
Retainers, “Lose It”, Lose It 7” (P. Trash)
Daylight Robbery, “Flat City” Three way split 12” with Defect Defect and Foreign Objects (Dirt Cult)
Suburbanite, “Winter Soldier” Self titled 7” (Youth Attack)
Low Threat Profile, “Cross My Heart”/”There Once Was a Time”, Self-titled LP (Deep Six / Draw Blank)
Despise You, “Roll Call” Split LP with Agoraphobic Nosebleed (Relapse)
Double Negative, “Writhe” Hardcore Confusion Vol. 1 7” (Sorry State)
Rational Animals, “Guess What? (Crunch)” Bock Rock LP (Katorga Works)
GG King, “Want”, Esoteric Lore LP (Rob’s House / Scavenger Of Death)
The Shitty Limits, “Last Orders” Last Orders b/w Selling Point 7” (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Leather, “Motivate”, Sterile 7” (Jade Tree)
The Arrivals, “Sold Short” Split 7” with the Arteries (All In Vinyl)