Razorcake Podcast #185: With Candice Tobin

Nov 11, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #185: With Candice Tobin

I’m currently watching the first season of The Walking Dead (stay with me), and the main character (Rick) has just reunited with his wife (Lori). He’s explaining that he knew Lori was still alive because she’d taken photo albums from the house when she and their son escaped the zombie apocalypse.

In the event of a real life zombie apocalypse, I’m thinking my last minute grab-and-run type items would have to be music. In some form, anyway. Certainly some actual vinyl, but that shit gets heavy. Really, when it’s late and there are undead leg-dragging assholes after my brain, I just want to listen to Crusades any way I can.

Logistics aside, this podcast represents my favorites of the zombie apocalypse contenders, the best of the stuff I absolutely couldn’t live without. It is essentially a mix of recently reviewed music, stuff Todd’s given me that I latched onto like a barnacle, and a few old favorites. They should keep you running plenty fast.

Stay safe out there!

Discount, “Accident Waiting to Happen” Split LP with J Church (Rugger Bugger)
Rumspringer, “The ‘May I Help You’ Riff” Empty Towers (Traffic Street)
Selby Tigers, “Cutting School” Charm City (Hopeless)
Toys That Kill, “Safe & Warm” Shanked! (Recess)
Neighborhood Brats, “FTW 2010” Self-titled EP (Modern Action)
Billy Raygun, “Chestnut St.” Seasick (Moonquake)
J Church, “Don’t Bring Me Down” Split LP with Discount (Rugger Bugger)
Jawbreaker, “Elephant” Live 5/18/96
Brick Mower, “Weaving” Under the Sink (Viking On Campus)
Cheap Freaks, “I’m Coming Home” Teenage Brains (Psycho Sound)
Gang Of Four, “Glass” Entertainment!
The Brokedowns, “Wizard Symptoms” Species Bender (Red Scare)
Not On Tour, “What Comes Outta Yo Mouth” Self-titled (Diner Junkie)
Crusades, “Becky” The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In (Razorcake/It’s Alive)
Mission Of Burma, “1970” The Horrible Truth About Burma (Matador/Ace Of Hearts)
Fugazi, “Do You Like Me” Red Medicine (Dischord)
Bad Banana, “Oregon Trail” Crushfield Demo (Self-released)
The Bombay Sweets, “Li’L Lamb” The Bombay Sweets (Phantom Form)
Rites Of Spring, “Spring” Self-titled (Dischord)