Razorcake Podcast #183: With Bill Pinkel

Oct 28, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #183: With Bill Pinkel

Since Todd and I goofed up just about everything on this particular podcast, I will list everything that we learned.

1. Evan Dorkin drew the cover of Radon's In Your Home 7" and, in fact, I have heard of him and was vaguely familiar with his work, particularly the Milk and Cheese characters, but have never read any of those comics, just seen them around.

2. Marie Prevost was a highly acclaimed early twentieth century actress who, after suffering a series of personal losses, drank herself to death all alone in her Hollywood apartment. Neighbors would eventually discover the body and that her pet dachshund, Maxie, had started to eat her.

C. Greg Norton was the other guy in Hüsker Dü besides Grant Hart and Bob Mould. Also it should be pointed out that despite his mustache he was not the gay member of Hüsker Dü.

6. To be "Between the Lions," apparently, refers to being in a library. I'm assuming one with lion statues out front, unless you're reading that Jumanji book, in which case the lions may only exist in the imaginings of a child!

8. I'm Bill Pinkel.

2a. “Hello and welcome to another Razorcake podcast” is the thing you say at the beginning of the podcast.

-Bill Pinkel

Hex Dispensers, "One Less Ghost" (Trouble In Mind 7")
Radon, "Chinese Rednecks" (In Your Home! 7", Ms. Cake's)
J Church, "Marie Provost" (Ivy League College 7", Broken Rekids)
Pink Razors, "First Degree" (First Degree 7", Rorschach)
ADD/C, "Baited Breath" (Split 7" w/ Landlord, Plan-it-X South)
The Pillowfights, "Get Out of Here" (Split 7" w/ Smokejumper, Silver Sprocket)
Hidden Spots, "Everybody Get Together" (Split 7" w/ Black Rainbow, Starcleaner)
Foreign Objects, "A Kind of Life" (7", Dirt Cult)
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, "Between the Lions" (7", THD)
Husker Du, "Makes No Sense At All" (7", SST)
Tenement, "Ice Pick" (Ice Pick 7", 608 Kisses)
Delay, "Watermain" (Split 7" w/ Monikers, Kiss of Death)
Drunken Boat, "Wide Open" (Turn It 7", Salinas)
Little Lungs, "PetCemetery" (Hoist Me Up 7", Salinas)
Red River Dave And All The Boys, "Jack O'Diamonds" (Cowboy Songs 45 I got from my great grandpa, Record Corp of America)