Razorcake Podcast #182: With Marty Ploy

Oct 21, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #182: With Marty Ploy

Hey y’all, my name is Marty Ploy. I have been doing DIY punk shows for over ten years (a majority of them in Southern California). I also am one of the curators of the über-stellar Awesome Fest in San Diego, every year.

If picking out songs for a podcast was a sport, consider me OJ Simpson, cause I’m killin' it!

I picked these bands cause I’m a huge fan of new bands and old favorites: everything from Hickey to The Slow Death to Sass Dragons to The Manix. Do yourself a favor and check this out!

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for making mixes. I love nothing more than getting hyped on a new record or a new band. These are some of the damies I been super bumpin' in my headphones as of late. Some senior citizens and some booster seats; all are worthy of sharing with y’all. Enjoy.

-Marty Ploy

Falling Sickness, "Ripperside" (Right On Time, Hopeless)
Horror Squad, "Liquor Stories" (12th & G Comp. LP, On The Real)
Turkish Techno, "DUI" (12th & G comp LP, On The Real)
Crusades, "Driven" (The Sun is Down and the Night is Riding In, It's Alive/Razorcake)
The Brokedowns, "Viking Birthday Party" (Split 7" w/ Sass Dragons, Cassette Deck/Let’s Pretend)
The Manix, "Fingers Crossed" (Neighborhood Wildlife, It's Alive)
Lipstick Homicide, "Calling In Dead" (Split LP w/ Billy Raygun, John Wilkes Booth)
Sloane Peterson, "Sunshine" (Why Go Out, Self-released)
The Regressions, "Bitter Break Up Song" (Demo 2011 CDR, Self-released)
Sass Dragons, "Explode Alamode" (Bonkaroo!, Let's Pretend/Johann’s Face)
Future Virgins, "Keep Yr Faith" (Part III: Easiest Years, Plan-It-X South)
Hickey, "Everything I Know About Sex I Learned from KISS" (Various States Of Disrepair, Poverty)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, "And You Think You Can Tame Me" (Knows Your Sins, Recess)
The Bananas, "A Slippery Subject" (A Slippery Subject, Recess)
The Grumpies, "Tomorrow" (Demo tape, Self-released)
Carrie Nations, "Farming Communities" (Be Still, Plan-It-X)
Big Eyes, "Your Lies" (Hard Life, Don Giovanni)
The Slow Death, "Phantom Limbs" (Born Ugly, Got Worse, Kiss Of Death)
Something Fierce, "Future Punks" (Don't Be So Cruel, Dirtnap)
You Me & Us, "Off Pudding" (Paperweights, Self-released)
Flat Wheeler, "Lost and Found" (Demo 2010 CDR, Self-released)