Razorcake Podcast #18: With Todd Taylor

Jul 11, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #18: With Todd Taylor
With this second podcast, I’m getting a better feel for what makes me pick songs to play. Half of the tracks are brand new by bands that I’m currently very excited about and have reviewed for Razorcake. These are bands that are actively putting out new material, playing shows, and their songs are relatively easy to get.

I also have long-time favorite bands (like Tiltwheel) that may or may not have released anything new. Since I celebrate their entire catalogs, I went back and picked some of songs that I still can’t get enough of.

And to round it out, the collector in me is more than happy to play and share stuff like the Plugz 7” off of the original 1981 Fatima Records 7” and a, not-yet-released-in America, Knugen Faller track.

Worldwide and in your backyard.

Here we go….

The Sass Dragons, “Workhorse”
Shang-a-Lang, “Caught Inbetween”
Reigning Sound, “Your Love”
Riverboat Gamblers, “Don’t Bury Me… I’m Still Not Dead”
Plugz, “Achin’”
Cuntifiers, "Loco Loco," Never Coming Out demo
Manikin, “Mirrors”
We March, “She Who Makes Dogs Shiver”
Hidden Spots, “Trapped”
Knugen Faller, “Lugna Favoriter”
Pine Hill Haints, “I Never Thought the Day Would Come When You Could Hate Me So Dearly”
Hex Dispensers, “Lose My Cool”
The Estranged, “The Masses”
Tiltwheel, “Kids Enthralled By Fish, Erie PA”