Razorcake Podcast #179: With Daryl Gussin

Sep 30, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #179: With Daryl Gussin

From June 1st to September 2nd, not once did I leave LA County. And when I look back on those months I can barely think of anything that happened. A couple good shows. A couple good burritos. About a million Rolling Rocks. And this Tenement full-length. If you've heard it, you know what I’m talking about. Once again, out of the endless repetition of everyday life a circular slab of vinyl becomes a close, dear friend.


PS: For more Vim Crony creations go

Pangea, "Haunted" (Night of the Living Dummy, Burger/olFactory)
Tenement, "Simple Things (Can Seem So Involved)" (Napalm Dream, Mandible)
Defect Defect, "People My Age" (Daylight Robbery/Foreign Objects Split 12", Dirt Cult)
Predator, "Honest Man" (Self-titled 7", Rob's House)
Ovens, "Let Down" (Self-titled 7", Catholic Guilt)
Sound Of Ruby, "Pregnant House Maid" (From Under the Sands of the Desert, Tian An Men 89)
Demokhratia, "Poumpi L'Efuel Ou Enb13" (Bled el Petrole Takoui Lekhra, Tian An Men 89/Darbouka)
French Exit, "F+P" (Worst Case Scenario, Solidarity)
Holy Shit!, “Dillinger Four” (Split 7” with Your Pest Band, Small Pool/Snuffy Smiles)
Something Fierce, "When You Hurt" (Don’t Be So Cruel, Dirtnap)
Dark Ages, "No Rules, Rules" (Can America Survive?, Sorry State)
Vee Dee, "Stone Zoo Wanderer" (Miss Lucy 7", Blvd.)
Year One, "Colony Collapse Disorder" (Noise Ordinance LP, MRR)
Rumspringer, "123456" (Split 7" with Shang-A-Lang, Dirt Cult)